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Common Ground-U.S.A. is an organization seeking social justice and economic equity for all.

We believe that:

  • All persons should have equal and common rights in the earth and its resources
  • Each individual should have an exclusive right to the income from his or her own labor and capital investment.

We assert that these rights can be implemented by:

  • Having local and higher governments collect, on behalf of their citizens,
    ...(a) the economic rental value of all land in the nation
    ...(b) fees for tapping into natural resources
    ...(c) charges for government granted franchises and licenses

We contend that:

  • This public revenue should be used to pay for:
    ...(a) essential government services
    ...(b) removing taxes on labor and capital investment
    ...(c) preservation of the earth and its natural resources
    ...(d) investment for the welfare of posterity
    ...(e) a dividend to each citizen

We believe that the public revenue so derived would be more than sufficient to accomplish these ends.

Equal access to natural resources as humankind's birthright will not happen just because someone has become familiar with the philosophy published in Progress and Poverty by Henry George.

Convictions do not translate into implementation without action. Action by a single individual can be frustrating insofar as accomplishment. Common Ground-U.S.A. members cover a broad spectrum of politicial affiliations, but all share a common belief in the Georgist philosophy.

Common Ground-U.S.A. members work at the local and state level at individual and chapter projects designed to spread the message, convince elected officials, and get legislation introduced. Efforts of members are chronicled in Groundswell, the six times a year news publication of Common Ground-U.S.A. Some of the notable accomplishments in 1996 were boths staffed by Common Ground-U.S.A. chapter members at the National Conference of State Legislatures and at the national convention of the Libertarian Party.

Common Ground-U.S.A. members together work nationally writing letters to officials, based on a quarterly Letter Lobby information kit. The kit contains background information regarding a specific bill a well as information as to whom letters should be directed. Recent Letter Lobby kits have dealt with grazing on federal lands. reform of the 1872 Mining law, logging in the Redwoods forest, and the electro-magnetic spectrum.

To receive a membership brochure, please email to Common Ground-U.S.A.'s National Membership Chairperson Sue Walton
or complete our Membership Form.

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