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The vision and intention of Baltimore Thrive is to identify and strengthen social and economic building blocks to create optimal individual and environmental health for the City of Baltimore. To accomplish this goal we recognize both the need to enhance citizens’ sense of agency – the ability to think, feel, and choose – and the necessity for taxation and other public policy reforms.

Our initial focus neighborhoods are in the “distressed” category where people are experiencing numerous social problems such as homelessness, low quality housing, physical and mental health issues, addiction and high crime. Yet even in these areas there are people who are striving to thrive, to raise their children, to help their neighbors and friends and to do the best they can in difficult circumstances. Baltimore Thrive is reaching out to these people and existing social service organizations, offering our assistance in building and strengthening networks of mutual support.

Our educational efforts focus on economic realities in these communities, such as how current patterns of land tenure and taxation relate to the need for affordable housing, employment at adequate wages, clean air, good water, healthy food, and public transport. Our research provides facts, stats and visuals to both clarify current patterns and to chart the course for necessary public policy changes. We also draw upon the success that other cities have had in fundamental tax reform.

Our Baltimore Thrive team has experience in the several areas needed to optimize the individual, environmental and social health of a city. Our researchers can identify and utilize relevant and precise data and statistics to illustrate both the blocks to a healthy society and the specific needed policy changes and reforms. Our public finance policy experts have successfully mobilized state legislatures and city governments to implement taxation reforms. Our mental and social health experts know how to enhance individual and group empowerment essential to developing and strengthening leadership capacities. Baltimore Thrive stands willing and ready to work with and assist individuals, organizations and public officials who share similar visions and intentions for the betterment of the City of Baltimore.

Please contact Vanessa Beck, email: BaltimoreThriveVanessa@gmail.com or via phone: 312-607-0304

To join our chapter and/or help with our efforts, please email us at  alannahartzok@gmail.com.

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Baltimore Thrive Website: theiu.org/baltimorethrive

Email: alannahartzok@gmail.com