Review of the Book:

Re-Solving the Economic Puzzle
by Walter Rybeck

Nadine Stoner

[ GroundSwell, July 2012]

GroundSwell has learned from Walter Rybeck, author of the book, Re-Solving the Economic Puzzle (see July-August 2011 issue of GroundSwell) that the book was a runner-up for The People’s Book Prize. The winner is decided exclusively by the public’s vote. The prize offers no money but aims to bring attention to highlight authors solely on talent and ability. Patron of TPBP is Frederich Forsyth, British investigative journalist and author of The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, and other bestsellers. Rybeck was one of three Spring 2012 finalists in the Non-Fiction category. His competiton was 101 Days to Make a Change) (by Roy Leighton, Emma Kilbeym, and Kristina Bill) and Life Behind Bars (by Kate McGregor and Linda Tweedie.)

Some of the comments from the voters in the contest were sent to Walt Rybeck and are republished below.

Reader Comments:

Rybeck understands the causes of our past, current and future economic problems. Public officials need to read Re-solving the Economic Puzzle and change their methods/systems of collecting public revenue.

I found the book as moving as it was informative. The author’s personal story is compelling and illustrates what can and should be great about this country. The counterpoint between his memoir and economic analysis makes accessible to me a whole technical world that has previously seemed foreign.

Insightful and easy to read. Rybeck opens our eyes to a different way to deal with real estate that can free us from the destructive “boom-and-bust” economic rollercoaster. Rybeck’s proposal would create a more just and productive economy.

A must read for anyone interested in the land question and how the ups and downs of land values are linked to our economic fortune!

A helpful contribution to the debate on our economic problem. A creative new approach to solutions.

This is an important book. It will tell you some things that the standard economic views of the left and the right will not. The author’s reminiscences of growing up and building a career are also of interest.

At this time of local and global economic crises we need all the helpful perspectives we can find to figure out how to respond and what direction we need to take to build a world that works for everyone.

This comprehensive overview of what is wrong and what would be right—if only we changed our systems of public finance and halted the theft of our common public wealth by a framework so established and pervasive we hardly see it. The book provides real-world prescriptions to provide a just society while providing an environment for sensible growth and prosperity.

Rybeck is right on the money. His dissection of the flaws in our economic system is superb, negating the “experts’” clueless explanations. Why not try something that always, always works?

(Walt Rybeck may be eamiled at After a career in journalism as Latin American correspondent, editorial writer in Ohio, and Washington Bureau Chief for Cox newspapers, he became Assistant Director of the National Commission on Urban Problems, then Editorial Director of the Urban Institute and assistant to Congressmen Henry Reuss of Milwaukee and William Coyne of Pittsburgh. He is currently director of the Center for Public Dialogue.)

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