We are all concerned about people with economic problems
            and are looking for ways to help.
Everything starts in some way with the LAND on which we stand.
No person can survive without access to land and natural resources.
No person has ever made a square foot of land or an ounce of oil, air or water.
No person has ever had a right to profit from just OWNING land or natural resources.
So where do people get the land they need to survive?
Since land and natural resources were given to the human family for its survival
how will we get what we need to survive?
          By RENTING land and natural resources FROM THE HUMAN FAMILY.
That RENT to the human family can come through our current property tax system.
All we need is to make a basic change in the way that property tax is levied.
                        and remove all taxes from PRODUCTIVE USE of LAND.
RESULT?  Since there is no profit in OWNING land, all LAND SPECULATORS will leave town
and now with no penalty for USING LAND PRODUCTIVELY we will see improvement
to homes and neighborhoods and have a rebuilding of factories, higher employment etc.
This change in the real estate property tax system will cause such an increase in tax revenue
it will enable infrastructure rebuilding, expansion of medical and education opportunities –
the advantages escalate as economy expands.
Imagine an economy with no penalty for building or improving a home or factory
and no reward for land speculators’ hindering productive use of land.
With no profit in just OWNING land, land prices will fall and LAND SPECULATORS will leave town.
Lower land prices will encourage building of factories and higher employment.
With no penalty for USING LAND PRODUCTIVELY we will see vast improvement
in homes and neighborhoods.
Thanks and God Bless you for your concern for the economically disadvantaged.
Don Killoren