On March 1, 2021, the CGUSA Executive Committee approved two recommendations to the CGUSA Board which has also approved them on March 20th:

  1. That beginning with the 2021-22 fiscal year, in addition to a $50 automatic annual payment to chapters, an annual $100 chapter incentive will be paid based on a showing in their annual written report that the chapter is engaged in a substantive activity such as a fundraising effort, commissioning a study, or meeting with officials/community groups about LVT legislation, a value capture project or starting a rent-sharing land trust. (Editor’s Note Common Ground’s fiscal year is July 1 to June 30).
  2. That the number of at large directors be decreased by 3 members. (Editors note; In recent years it has been extremely hard to find candidates to serve as At-Large Directors. At least one Director has informed us in writing that they do not wish to seek re-election and we have a vacancy for 2002 with the death of Paul Justus.  At its next meeting the Executive Committee will be adjusting terms.)


Due to slow postal service, membership renewal notices are being sent by email only. Notices are sent at least eight weeks prior to their due date (the last day of the month they joined in). And again, four weeks out than then four weeks after they expire.  The easiest way to renew is via our webpage.

Save the dates: June 27th at 7 pm eastern time is our next quarterly membership meeting; July 11th at 7 pm eastern time is set for the 2021 Annual Board of Directors Meeting.


Do these articles look familiar?  The Communications Teams sends out notices and does blog posts on our website where many of these posts can be found.  Then, because not everyone checks the Commond-USA.net webpage, we will be sending out periodic collections of blogs and other important information.



Scott Baker and Sue Walton