The Common Ground-USA Executive Committee is please announce that it has selected Derk Sagehorn to fill the Vice President vacancy left by the recent death of Paul Justus. The Committee made the selection at it’s March 1, 2021 bi-monthly meeting. Derke was first elected as a Director at large in 2020 and then ran against Paul for the VP position later that year.
Derek Sagehorn is an activist and lawyer in Oakland, California. His focus is the intersection of land use, transit and tax policy. Sagehorn has been a member of Common Ground California for two years. As a housing advocate Sagehorn has worked to repeal Article 34, a 1950 constitutional amendment limiting public housing development in California, as well as develop legislation to create social housing in California. Sagehorn is also the chair of the East Bay Transit Riders Union, which advocates for better bus service in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.