At the Chicago School’s Yearly Board Election Meeting which was held on December 13th, the board unanimously voted to have both a land and labor acknowledgement.

Land Acknowledgment for HGS

We recognize that this land was occupied by other folks before
us.Some of them may have practiced more just systems of land
tenure.Because no human created land, all land titles are necessarily
the result of conquest, force, and fraud.We assert that land belongs in usufruct to the living.
And that rent is justly shared among the community.Determining exactly who is the “community” and how the rent should be shared among them are legitimate topics for
discussion, that we’ll probably never all completely agree on.

Labor Acknowledgment

Unlike the Federal capitol, none of our buildings was constructed by slave labor, and our city is not named after an enslaver. Labor improved the land we occupy by raising its level to improve drainage,and by building, maintaining and continuing to operate the infrastructure which makes it more useful.

Present at the zoom meeting were CGUSA members: Chuck Metalitz, Adam Kerman, Scott & Sue Walton. Chuck is the president of the School Board; he also wrote the acknowledgements. Chuck wrote the acknowledgements in response to the Art Institute of Chicago’s new statement. The Institute is built on landfill over what was shallow waters of Lake Michigan which a tall lanky lawyer named Abe Lincoln, acquired for his railroad clients. It is hard to have a land acknowledgement over water/man made land.. The Chicago School’s offices are to the west of the Art Institute on real land on a building less than 100 years old.

Chuck and his board have graciously allowed me to share this with other Georgists.


Sue Walton