Common Ground USA is an all-volunteer organization that promotes land value tax shifts, rent-sharing land trusts, and other commons-based approaches to social, environmental and economic issues.

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Suburbia is Subsidized

Suburbia is Subsidized

America, and to a lesser extent, Canada, made an historic mistake of relying on cars and not people that is now bankrupting cities all over the country. It’s an insidious, rarely acknowledged choice, and so pervasive that it’s not obvious until you really look at the data. Unmentioned in the video, but a partial solution, would be congestion taxation. This would discourage driving, provide funding for mass transit, and allow taxes of productive activities like work to be decreased. It could begin to reverse the car-dependent culture that is sapping the national account and dividing and polarizing broken communities all over the country, a political win for the nation as well as an economic one.

The Henry George Program

The Henry George Program

New ep! We have @DonaldShoup on to talk about parking (!) Discussing the success of AB2097, connections to parking reform to land value tax, and much much more.


Willamette Week carried Sofie Peel’s story in the October 26 issue about the reaction of Montavilla neighborhood residents to a city proposal to repair long-neglected unimproved streets on 89th Avenue.  Portland City Council is refocusing its infrastructure projects on one of the most overlooked parts of town – East Portland. 


Rent-Sharing Farm Trust report cover

Setting up a Rent-sharing Farm Trust in Minnesota

A report prepared on behalf of Common Ground USA

Municipal Land Trusts report cover

Municipal Land Trusts

A Feasibility Study for Adoption by City of Saint Paul

Municipal Land Trusts report cover

Incentivizing Local Zoning Reforms with Land Value Taxation

A Common Ground OR-WA Working Paper