Common Ground USA is an all-volunteer organization that promotes land value tax shifts, rent-sharing land trusts, and other commons-based approaches to social, environmental and economic issues.

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Land Value Capture, Explained

Land Value Capture, Explained

What is “land value capture”? How does it work? And why have so many communities across the world applied this financial approach? This video explains land value capture and provides examples from within the “toolbox” of instruments available to governments. It shows how communities have used land value capture to promote social equity and finance affordable housing, infrastructure, and other public goods.


Rent-Sharing Farm Trust report cover

Setting up a Rent-sharing Farm Trust in Minnesota

A report prepared on behalf of Common Ground USA

Municipal Land Trusts report cover

Municipal Land Trusts

A Feasibility Study for Adoption by City of Saint Paul

Municipal Land Trusts report cover

Incentivizing Local Zoning Reforms with Land Value Taxation

A Common Ground OR-WA Working Paper