Common Ground’s president Rich Nymoen and other pro-LVT residents of Minnesota testified before the state house in favor of bill 1432 on 3/15/23.

The key section comes midway through the day’s testimony at minute 51:25-1:15:50 (see link below).

00:45 – HF2725 (Norris) Property tax refunds; additional targeting refund expanded, and temporary change to additional refund calculation for 2023 provided.

09:18 – HF2012 (Lislegard) Taconite production tax provisions modified, and distribution of taconite production tax modified.

30:49 – HF2495 (Lee, K.) Ramsey County; property tax provisions modified, and county allowed to expand period for redeeming lands sold to state at tax judgement sale.

51:25 – HF1342 (Elkins) Property tax provisions modified, and cities authorized to create land-value taxation districts.

1:15:50 – HF1535 (Acomb) Wayzata; sales and use tax provisions modified, and food and beverage tax imposition authorized.

Full testimony runs 1 hour, 30 minutes.

The legislation was included for consideration but not yet voted upon.

Full testimony: